ep2 Terminal Test System

Smart Card Terminal Simulator

Swiss EFT-POS payment terminals are based on ep2, a technical standard supported by all Swiss payment card acquirers. ep2 is based on the international EMV chip card standard, but supports additional features such as the central configuration of installed terminals with a Service Center.

As the various terminal vendors have to design and engineer the terminals for the Swiss market according to the ep2 specifications, a test environment for simulations and validations is required. This simulator supports the various interface protocols and security mechanisms of ep2 and EMV and is able to simulate error conditions, as well. The ep2 test system is based on a test manager (tool to manage test suites, test cases, and test results) and a test coordinator for controlling the interfaces and validating the data traffic (processing of automated tests).

A domain specific language (DSL), which is designed to outline the test scenarios in the ep2 environment, simplifies the maintenance of the test- and validation guidelines. In addition, test card data can be stored for subsequent uses. The test systems is based on Microsoft .NET technology.

The ep2 terminal test system was built on behalf of the ep2 Technical Working Group and SIX.

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