EMV-CAP Authentication

The First Large Scale EMV-CAP Application in Switzerland

EMV-CAP is a standard developed by MasterCard and adopted by Visa, which supports one time password authentication and transaction signatures, based on personalized EMV chips and chip card readers (personal card reader, PCR). The one time passwords allow two-factor authentication for m- and e-banking applications or e-commerce transactions.

Together with our partner Vasco (now OneSpan), Ergonomics provided the first and second generation of the card readers. PostFinance’s standard reader DP835 is based on an existing PCR model with customization for PostFinance. The design of reader as well as the transaction flow and the user dialogue in four languages were adapted according to PostFinance’ guidelines.

The model DP840-CV is a desktop model, which suits visually impaired customers with its large display and voice output feature.


January 28, 2019
At the two-day event, which focuses on the topics of football, eSports, sports mix, media, Venue & Events and sports tech & digital, we will be presenting our solutions in the area of wallet, digitalisation and cash register systems (POS) together with Lufthansa Industry Solutions.
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January 17, 2019
Our latest cooperation with the BehavioSec’s Behavioral Biometrics Platform enhances security by invisibly authenticating individuals according to unique online behaviors nearly impossible to impersonate with malicious code, like how a mobile device is held in the hand, touchscreen inputs, cursor and mouse movements and physical time and location data. Integrating with risk scoring systems, BehavioSec’s real-time analysis of these and other metrics power a new line of defense blocking suspicious activities or triggering additional monitoring - without impacting productivity and the user experience.
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January 8, 2019
Anyone selling software protects their products, internal designs and customers with digital certificates - as well as the value of their own brand. Indirectly, this also boost sales: Customers tend to download and install software more frequently, when a trusted manufacturer certificate is displayed. Modern operating systems (Windows and Mac) also explicitly warn against the installation of software without or with insufficiently verified certificates. End users and professional developers appreciate trusted certificates that promise the authenticity of applications.
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