Software Systems for Automated Teller Machines

Complex Applications with a Simple Appearance

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) have developed into automated bank counters that can do far more than just dispense notes. These days, among many other things, ATMs accept cash deposits or checks, dispense foreign currencies, top-up pre-paid mobile phones and carry out a variety of account transactions.

Automated Teller Machines are complex systems that combine mechanical and electronic functions. The individual components are controlled by a software system. This software handles different tasks, for example:

  • User interaction based on an optimized user interface to handle requests from customers, voice output for the visually impaired
  • Controlling all hardware components and processes, such as card reader, note preparation, deposits, etc.
  • Communication with the bank’s central computers and the central clearing house/ATM network operator
  • Processing and correcting user errors, as well as malfunctions from external systems and internal components
  • Encryption of PINs and data traffic
  • Communication with the system supervisor and the remote management system

Ergonomics provides software solutions for ATMs from NCR and other vendors in Switzerland and in German speaking countries.

NCR TopClient software architecture

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