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Software Consulting & Engineering

Software Consulting

Standard software rarely fulfils all special needs that enterprises have. However, a cleverly customized software system can be crucial in providing the necessary competitive edge. It is therefore of utmost importance that security, quality and cost adhere to the highest standards.

Our customers can trust us providing services of the highest quality. We accompany you through all project phases – from briefings, quality assurance and training – making sure that your individual enterprise solution supports your enterprise’s success. You determine the joint engagement model: We can assume full project responsibility, take on partial project mandates, or be integrated in your team.

Over the years, Ergonomics has gained a deep and focused understanding of all aspects of electronic payment systems. An area with strongly growing security and efficiency needs leading to further going developments. We can assist you in continuing to provide secure and cost effective transaction processing execution, by analyzing and modernizing your current infrastructure and software systems. »

Software Engineering

Standard software packages rarely cover all requirements enterprises have. Compromises have to be made, especially in the areas of complex solutions. Standard software solutions can – at best – be limitedly customized to fit individual needs.

Normally, the scope of an endeavour determines if an individual development is to be sought after. The more complex the requirements, the more a decision will lean towards bespoke developments.
In this way, customers receive solutions that are more cost effective in the long run and also fit perfectly in to operational procedures. We use appropriate technologies such as Java (J2EE) on JBoss, .NET and Oracle.

Our services cover all software development process phases – from requirements analysis right up to documentation, training, and implementation.

At the end of the day, it is all down to brain power – our people. We put ourselves through the paces with regard to the highest of requirements, streamlined internal processes, a knack for efficiency and quality, and – last but not least – in accompanying customers from idea to a successful implementation. »

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