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Thales E-Security

Hardware Security Modules

Thales hardware security modules (HSMs) provide encryption processing and protection for the keys and applications that underlie your critical security processes. Thales HSMs are easy to integrate with your systems and applications. They’re also flexible and scalable. That means they can meet your evolving encryption and compliance needs.

Thales nShield Connect
Thales nShield Connect is a network-attached, general-purpose hardware security module that is optimized for business continuity and scalability.

Thales nShield Solo
Thales nShield Solo is an embedded, general-purpose HSM for servers and appliances that safeguards encryption and digital signing keys and runs custom applications on the module to protect data in use.

Thales nShield Edge
nShield Edge is a portable hardware security module for use in root certification authorities (CAs) and registration authorities (RAs), code signing, and remote HSM management. It combines a full-featured HSM with a smart card reader in one device, offering secure backup and dual control access of valuable organizational keys. Its USB connectivity makes it especially suitable for use with laptops and virtual machines.

PayShield 9000
The next generation Hardware Security Module for payment security systems.

Key Management

The protection, management and secure use of cryptographic keys is fundamental to security. As organizations deploy encryption more widely, managing keys becomes expensive and difficult. Those that cannot keep up risk losing data. This risk renders some organizations reluctant to encrypt sensitive data.

By centralizing key management, you eliminate the costs and risks of manual key management processes. More importantly, you become better able to enforce your security policies and to address emerging security challenges.

Thales e-Security keyAuthority® is a standards-based, FIPS-designed key manager that enables high assurance key management across classes of encrypting devices.

Strong Authentication and ID Management

It is vital to the security of your business data that you secure who has access to it, and to what. Thales solutions encompass signing and verification of users and transactions, secure access for users, and full lifecycle identity management using strong authentication. Crucially, Thales solutions can use multiple authentication technologies and control access to multiple applications on the same system, enabling a flexible and integrated approach to strong authentication.

The compehensice Thales SafeSign family of products covers all the issues related to strong authentication and ID Management.