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The Solution for modular end point security

Companies suffer data losses not only through intentional data theft or malware that destroys their data. In most cases, such losses are caused by the negligent handling of data: Laptops are left in the taxi, USB sticks slip from the pocket, infected media are used within the company, sensitive data are transferred and saved without encryption etc. Often, the employees are not even aware of the consequences and therefore, they do not necessarily report such incidents.

Comprehensive Security and efficient Operations

The EgoSecure Endpoint Security solution includs the following:

Defines which user is authorized to use which data paths. Only those
employees who need sensitive data for their work have access to these data.

Logs provide evidence if users violate laws and regulations to ensure that they handle data with care – an important requirement to ensure IT compliance.

Separates critical data types from uncritical data types and blocks data types that are not wanted within the company.

The C., A. and F. components ensure that only authorized employees have only access to data and applications which are relevant for their work. 100-percent all-round protection is provided by encrypting authorized data, since encryption also protects against intentional data theft or the negligent loss of data.

The intelligent and central management ensures the easy installation and administration of functionality and a high degree of usability.

Effective Endpoint Security with easy administration

EgoSecure is not only effective, but easy to install and to operate. This saves money and helps the evironment. We offer a full-function solution with a centralized management concept. Easy to administer, easy to operate and easy to understand.

Try EgoSecure Endpoint Security free of charge and without risks.