Forward Thinking IT Solutions

Products and Solutions

IT Security Hardware Components

As a local Entrust, VASCO and Thales partner, we efficiently distribute one-time password tokens as well as IT security components (HSMs, PKI components, data encryption systems) and integrate them into the customer environments.

IT Security Software Systems

Entrust offers flexible and comprehensive security solutions for enterprises and government agencies.

The Ergonomics Authentication Server (EAS) supports a range of mechanisms for strong authentication, such as EMV-CAP, Vasco Digipass, mTAN and OATH.

Our application PrivacyPUK allows the quick and easy personalization of PKI cards and tokens with PINs and PUKs.

IBM Security Products

We offer the following IBM security solutions: QRadar (SIEM), Trusteer (transaction security), AppScan (application security) and Maas360 (mobile device management).

Client and BYOD Security

We offer EgoSecure a comprehensive solution for end-point security.

ep2/eft-pos 2000 Library for Java

The ep2 Library for Java simplifies the integration of existing and new applications in the ep2 environment.

Security Awareness

The E-SEC® VIRTUAL TRAINING COMPANY is an innovative and award-winning virtual reality training system. Associates and employees can easily be trained regarding the proper handling of sensitive data.

Currency Exchange Software

The software solution CurrencyXchanger (CXR) by Clear View Systems is a comprehensice application for currency excange and money services bureaus. CXR provides the full functionality for the currency exchagen and check cashing business.